Pixaa Brunch. A lovely morn­ing with close friends.

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Our baby has en­tered the fi­nal months be­fore her birth. So, be­fore we were busy with all sorts of baby thing, we de­cided to host a gar­den brunch along with close friends.

We love things that feel green and truly nat­ural. We held a potluck brunch on a small park not far from our home. We wanted the morn­ing to feel in­ti­mate, ca­sual, and sim­ple. We cre­ated a low table pic­nic with ca­sual table set­ting, with every­one seated on the ground.

Some of them are chefs in­ner them­selves. Gina faith­fully hand­picked the veg­eta­bles for the appetizer, and pre­pared some of the desserts. Ayu and Rama sim­ply shared their de­li­cious home­made bruschetta and fettuccine for us. They will­ing to sleep late and woke up early for the sake of prepar­ing the gath­er­ing to be spe­cial and mean­ing­ful.

We’re glad for hav­ing friends that pas­sion­ate about home cook­ing and ap­pre­ci­ate in in­ti­mate gath­er­ing with close friends and fam­ily.

Pixa Pixaa Brunch – Menu

Smoke Beef and/or Veg’s Bruschetta
Classic Salad

Smoke Beef Fettuccine
Veg’s & Beef Crumble Pizza
Beef Lasagna

White Milk Pudding with Strawberry

We were so glad to have such a lovely peo­ple around the table. We were shar­ing foods, and also sto­ries. The love and hap­pi­ness that sur­rounded us was al­most as beauty as the morn­ing breeze.

Also a big thank you to Tanah Tin­gal for let­ting us hav­ing a brunch at their back­yard.

Photo by Wisnu P, as published on pixapixaa.com

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